SCJP ProLine Dispenser Without Window - 1 L, Stainless Steel

SCJP ProLine Dispenser Without Window - 1 L, Stainless Steel


  • For use in washrooms where a higher sense of security is needed. For example prisons, mental institutions, and schools.
  • Closed, sealed cartridge dispenser
  • Guaranteed for life
  • Non-drip, non-clog pump mechanisms ensures no mess
1 L, Stainless Steel, ea
Manufacturer Part #98123

Large, easy-push button dispenses a controlled dose of product appropriate for the application required and empty cartridges are easily replaced in seconds. Unique metal locking mechanism helps prevent unauthorized access and product contamination.


  • Hygienic, airless cartridges. The ultrasonically sealed cartridge an pump mechanisms prevent the ingress of air into the cartridge during use to help prevent product contamination and ensure 'fresh' product is dispensed every time.
  • Designed for exclusive use with SC Johnson Professional skin care system products to enable cartridges to be replace in seconds, reducing maintenance time and costs.
  • Dispenser is manufactured from tough stainless steel components and rigorously tested for high usage environments, providing assurance of quality and long-term cost efficiency.