NaceCare™ 244NX Ultra Compact Scrubber - 0.6 Gal.

NaceCare™ 244NX Ultra Compact Scrubber - 0.6 Gal.

Item # NCS913741

  • Delivers fast, effective cleaning across all hard floors.
  • Power: 36V; Brush speed: 140 rpm
  • Cleaning path: 18"; Solution tank: 0.6 Gal. ; Recovery tank: 0.8 Gal.
  • Coverage per tank (Eco): UP to 7320 ft2/tank (34 minutes)
  • Run time: UP to 80 minutes
  • Charge time: 1 hour - 80% / 2 hours 100%
  • Weight: 46 lbs.; Dimensions: 20.5" W x 18" L x 47" H
0.6 Gal., ea
Manufacturer Part #913741
  • Cordless & Lightweight!

Lightweight and easy to use, the 244NX leaves floors clean, dry and safe while reducing labor costs by 70% and water use by 80%. One-pass cleaning performance is achieved by applying brush pressure and powerful drive motors with the right amount of water in the right place.


  • Centrifugal Water Deliver: The direct water feed to the center of the brushes distributes evenly and consistently across the cleaning area, delivering best in class water efficiency.
  • Counter Rotating Brushes: Delivering controlled and lightweight handling with no messy spray.
  • Operator friendly color-coded touch points.
  • Easily removable tanks are simple and fast emptying and filling.
  • Simple to set up and easy to use, by any operator.
  • Fully adjustable handle.
  • Easily adjust water flow to suit your cleaning.
  • Foot-operated floor tool eliminates frequent bending.
  • Part of the NX300 Battery Network. The NX300 cordless cleaning network brings the convenience and performance of professional cordless cleaning across our growing battery range.
  • Agile and lightweight handling easily navigates obstacles in congested areas gliding over floors for controlled, effortless cleaning.
  • Support at your fingertips, straight from your mobile. Access a wide-range of multilingual help and support, including troubleshooting and maintenance videos, through the Nu-Assist App.