A & G Supply Pure Disinfectant Cleaner - 4 L

A & G Supply Pure Disinfectant Cleaner - 4 L

Item # AGSPD4-CS

  • A one-step neutral disinfectant that is effective against viruses and a broad spectrum of bacteria when used as directed.
4 L, 4/cs
Manufacturer Part #AGSPD4-CS

Disinfectant, virucide, cleaner, deodorizer and toilet bowl disinfectant for hospitals, nursing homes, institutional and industrial use. This formulation is recommended for use in hospitals, medical and dental offices, nursing homes, public restrooms, institutions, schools, colleges, food processing plants, food storage areas, kitchens, restaurants and bars, airports, transportation terminals, hotels and motels. For use in households.

*Can be used in replacement of Kaibosh Disinfectant with the Kaivac Cleaning Systems. 

  • Recommended for poultry premise sanitation (Hatcheries): Egg receiving area, tray dumping area, chick processing area, egg holding area, chick holding area, chick loading area, setter room, hatchery room, poultry buildings.
  • It is also recommended for swine premise sanitation: Farrowing barns and areas, dressing plants, blocks, waterers and feeders, loading equipment, creep area, hauling equipment, nursery, chutes.
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