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Embassy® Premium 2 Ply Bathroom Tissue - 4.2" x 4.0"

Embassy® Premium 2 Ply Bathroom Tissue - 4.2" x 4.0"

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AGF Cotton Narrow Band Wet Mop - 450 g

This industrial narrow band wet mop is for general cleaning purposes. Manufactured with high grade cotton yarn, it is absorbent and durable with excellent floor drying qualities. All cotton mops must be broken in by soaking in water overnight to remove natural oils and seed trash. Use with any narrow band mop handle.

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Cascades Jubilee® 1 Ply Multifold Towel - 9" x 9.45"

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Cascades Snow Owl™ Quality 2 Ply Bathroom Tissue

500 sheets per roll. Individually wrapped.

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deb stoko® Estesol® Hair & Body Shower Gel - 1 L

Invigorating hair and body shower gel with rainforest fragrance. Removes general workplace dirt and grime. Suitable for use in male and female shower areas. Use dispenser: SHW4LDR.

Alternate #HAB1L

Diversey Virex® II 256 Disinfectant Cleaner -2.5 L, J-Fill

A one-step, quaternary-based disinfectant cleaner and deodorant to clean and disinfect hard surfaces. Meets bloodborne pathogen standards. Dilution Rate: 1:256.

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Deb® ProLine® Host 1 L Dispenser

For use in office, commercial, leisure, medical rooms and laboratories, food service and catering and food processing and manufacturing.

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deb stoko® Refresh™ Deobaire® FOAM - 1 L

Luxurious foam soap with rose fragrance for general use. Contains skin conditioners to improve skin hydration and prevent drying. EcoLogo™ Certified. For use in any washroom in offices and public facilities. Lightly fragranced pink colored liquid.

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HOSPECO® Smart Block™ Urinal Screen w/Block - Cherry

Cleans and deodorizes up to 60 days. Ideal for both dry or standing water urinals. For use in any state. Non-toxic and biodegradable. Non-para product that performs like para.

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Cascades Jubilee® 1 Ply Singlefold Towel - 9" x 9.45"

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