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Cascades Jubilee® 1 Ply Multifold Towel - 9" x 9.45"

Cascades Jubilee® 1 Ply Multifold Towel - 9" x 9.45"

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A & G Supply Prosuds Laundry Detergent - 20 L

A quality, non-phosphate product especially formulated to provide effective cleaning of all synthetics and natural fibres such as cotton, wool and silk. Ideally suited for use in food plants. Use in industrial and institutional laundry applications.

Alternate #PSLD20

Betco® Pull® Toilet Cleaner - Qt.

This 23% hydrochloric acid toilet bowl cleaner was carefully formulated with added detergents, to ensure it will work quickly. Ideal for hard water areas. It cleans and descales in one easy step.

Alternate #07112

Betco® Symplicity™ L-S-R Delimer - Gal.

Concentrated Delimer formulated with a blend of organic and inorganic acids combined with controlled foam surfactants for superior performance. Low foaming. Pleasant fragrance.

Alternate #24804

deb stoko® Deb InstantFOAM® Alcohol Hand Sanitizer - 1 L

Highly effective, perfume and dye-free alcohol-based FOAM hand sanitizer. Kills 99.999% of many common germs in just 15 seconds. No water rinsing required. UL, EcoLogo™ and USDA BioPreferred certified. Use dispenser: SAN1LDS, IFS1LDS.

Alternate #IFS1L

deb stoko® Refresh™ Clear FOAM Hand Wash - 1 L

Perfume-free and dye-free gentle foam hand wash. Reduces the risk of an allergic reaction and skin irritation. Green Seal™ Certified. NSF E-1 rated. Use dispenser: WRM1LDS.

Alternate #CLR1L

Diversey PERdiem™ General Purpose Cleaner - 2.5 L. J-Fill

A concentrated cleaner based on proprietary Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP®) technology. Contains no added dyes or fragrance. Colorless and odorless.

Alternate #5613252

HOSPECO® ProWorks® Latex Glove - Medium, Powder Free

Comfortable fit. 9.5" length. 5 mil. Beaded cuff. Excellent protection. Examination grade. Meets 21 CFR for food contact. Available in powdered and powder free. Natural.

Alternate #GL-L106FM

Diversey Oxivir® Plus Disinfectant Cleaner - 2.5 L

Dilutable one-step disinfectant cleaner, hydrotherapy tub cleaner and sanitizer, formulated with proprietary hydrogen peroxide technology. Concentrated. EcoLogo™ certified. Virucidal and bactericidal.

Alternate #5919059

deb stoko® Estesol® Hair & Body Shower Gel - 1 L

Invigorating hair and body shower gel with rainforest fragrance. Removes general workplace dirt and grime. Suitable for use in male and female shower areas. Use dispenser: SHW4LDR.

Alternate #HAB1L